In 2023, which of these five dog breeds will be the most popular in the United States? 

The little behemoth maintained its position atop the heap for the second year running. 

After more than 30 years at the top of the dog popularity charts, the Labrador Retriever came in second place in 2023.  

The typical French Bulldog is 11–13 inches tall, weighs around 28 pounds, and sports a short, silky coat. 

They get along well with kids and other dogs and are famously loving companions. 

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With a potential weight of 80 pounds and a height of over 25 inches, Labrador Retrievers are large dogs. 

When with others, both young and old, they are pleasant and loving.  

They are energetic, simple to train, and sport shorter hair. Lives of 11–13 years are typical for this breed. 

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