In observance of Lent, fast food joints serving fish 

Panko breadcrumbs coat the wild-caught Alaskan pollock filet, which is then fried until crisp and topped with American cheese. 

The crispy fish tacos at Del Taco are fried in a beer batter using Samuel Adams Boston Lager®.  

The batter is seasoned with wild Alaskan Pollock. Shredded cabbage, secret sauce, and pico de gallo are the toppings. 

Our editor loves this fast food joint in the Midwest, but that's not all they have to offer.  

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Seasonal offerings at Culver's include the famous Northwoods walleye sandwich. 

Culver's tartar sauce comes on top of a hand-battered, cooked-to-order filet, which is served on a lightly buttered bread. 

Indulge your cravings for fish sandwiches with this delicious recipe! 

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