Interesting Study on How Dog Interactions Affect Our Brains

Animal-assisted interventions like canine therapy are popular for stress and anxiety reduction. 

However, the neurological impacts of varied dog encounters are unknown. A PLOS ONE study shows how spending time with dogs affects brain waves and mental well-being. 

The findings reveal fascinating neuroscience underpinning human-dog relationships and their mental health advantages.

Onyoo Yoo from Konkuk University, South Korea, and colleagues studied 30 adults who did eight activities with a well-trained dog. 

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While dogs' sense of smell is remarkable, don't overlook their hearing! Dogs can hear many sounds humans can't due to their ears and muscles. 

Brain alpha-band oscillations rose when individuals played with a hand-held toy with the dog, indicating calm wakefulness. Playing with dogs may help us relax and reduce stress.

Participants' brain alpha-band oscillations increased after walking the dog. This suggests that walking with a dog may improve mental health by promoting calm but alertness.

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