15 Questionable Salad Vegetables

kohlrabi The bulbous kohlrabi resembles an extraterrestrial relic. It tastes like a space radish—crunchy and slightly sweet. 

With its abundance of vitamin C and vitamin B6, it's a nutritional powerhouse. Its unusual appearance challenges salad conventions.

2. Betel nut Jicama is a crunchy, sweet relative of the potato, and it has a bark-like skin. 

A few customers may ask, "Am I eating a tree?" after tasting it, although it does add a nice taste. 

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3. Greens from dandelion These bitter leaves have gone from yard annoyances to salad heroes.

They are a surprising and healthy green option that is rich in iron and calcium. 

4. Nopales, or Cactus Pads Surprisingly lemony interior, with a prickly exterior. 

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