Low-barking dogs  

Great Dane This gentle giant is big (males weigh up to 200 pounds) and barks loudly and deeply, yet rarely.

Basenji The basenji is a tiny to medium-sized dog breed known as the "barkless dog," likely due to its peculiar larynx shape, which may prevent barking. Yodeling and chortling are their other means of communicating.

Swiss mountain dog Bernese mountain dogs are friendly and sturdy. This breed is recognized for its calmness and lack of barking.

Newfoundland Stanley says this peaceful dog species likes to be a lapdog—if there's no water nearby. They are excellent swimmers and rescuers

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Deerhound Scotland Greyhounds and Scottish deerhounds share ancestry. However, the deerhound's coarse hair distinguishes it from greyhounds.

French and bulldogs Two for one: bulldogs and French bulldogs. Both of these quiet dog breeds are lively, friendly, and have adorable, wrinkly cheeks you could squeeze for days. Frenchies are quiet tiny dogs; bulldogs are larger.

Chinese shar pei Not only do these canines have appealing wrinkly faces, but they hardly bark. While peaceful with relatives, they can be standoffish around outsiders.

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