Low-bite dog breeds

Dogs' personal histories also matter. Abuse or mistreatment can cause undesirable behavior, and a dog's fear may escalate biting.

 Early limits and family conditions might also play a role. However, some breeds earn their reputation for being non-aggressive, increasing the odds that your dog will be too with some practice. 

How to keep your pedigree dog sweet and which dogs rank high on the sweetness scale.

 Interested in a dog with a rich history? Try one of these Australian dog breeds.According to DiNardo, those formidable looks (and name!) hide a great heart, especially for kids. 

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Additionally: She says these dogs are smart, trainable, and loyal. Fun, patient, and protective, they make great BFFs for your little two-legged family members.

If you want a boxer, realize that they're big dogs that need daily exercise. Find out how much exercise your dog requires.Another ferocious-looking dog is a mushball.

The AKC credits almost 100 years of breeding for turning the English bulldog from a warrior to a pleasant companion. 

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