Mercury Retrograde Spring  and Your Zodiac Sign

This spring is different. The recent lunar eclipse and forthcoming rare total solar eclipse are making stirs just in time for the first Mercury  

retrograde of the year, along with Aries season and astrological new year enthusiasm.  

Sigh, the universe never stops.Mercury, the fast messenger planet (Hermes' mischievous figure in mythology), rules communication in astrology.   

For those wondering how a planet can cause so much drama, Mercury controls transportation, technology, text messages, and social media.   

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Discovering how Mercury retrograde spring 2024 will effect your zodiac sign will help you manage this celestial roller coaster.  

Mercury slows down during retrograde. Due to its relative position to Earth, it appears to move backward, but its renowned consequences  

might make anyone think it's traveling backward.Retrograde transits are good for introspection, reassessing, reevaluating, and revisiting, contrary to popular opinion.  

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