Met cop rescues puppy from squalid flat and gives her new home.

A Metropolitan Police officer saved a starving Staffie cross puppy and wants to adopt her.

An abseiling builder saw a scared dog through a 12th-floor flat window in Tottenham, north London, a few days before Christmas last year. Police were summoned.

After gaining access, Pc Joe Allen spotted the six-month-old puppy whimpering under a broken bed frame surrounded by trash.

After a month alone in the flat, Stella was emaciated and needed veterinary hospital treatment.

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The builder saw Stella, and Pc Allen said, “Thank God he did because if he hadn’t staff at the hospital reckon she would have had three or four days to live. 

She's lucky, but so are we.”“Seeing a dog in that state was shocking, so I picked her up and cradled her to make her feel safe.

 I couldn't stop thinking about her and knew I needed her.”Pc Allen and DC Jade Peirce are fostering nine-month-old Stella to adopt her.

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