Most loyal dog breeds that will always support you  

Every dog is loyal to its group and wants affection, companionship, and security. 

However, certain dog breeds are hyperfocused on one person or the family. First-time owners seeking a loyal companion may find loyal dog breeds ideal.

Some of our dogs are affectionate, while others guard their families.The most loyal dog breeds stay by your side no matter what goes on.

Our list is not exhaustive, but here are some of our favorites' self-descriptions.Last week, a child said, "Dad, look at that large dog.

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As large as a horse!" The kid's right. I'm big! I weigh about 100 pounds as one of the largest dog breeds.

My abundant, thick, waterproof coat is partly to blame. Since I used to guard sheep from crafty wolves, protecting my family and property is in my blood.

You may call me a gentle giant because I'm calm, gentle, and friendly with my humans. The town has other gentle and big breeds.

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