Most to Least Bad-tempered Zodiac Signs

Allure says Aries is the zodiac's hothead. Your fury ignites at any least provocation.

You'll yell at your best buddy, slam doors, and hurl objects. Your fury burns out quickly.

After five minutes, you forget what you were upset about while everyone else cowers from your outburst. 

Practice counting to ten before exploding.Scorpio, your fury may not be as explosive as Aries', but when it erupts, wow.

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You master the chilly, cutting remark. You can rip someone's ego apart with your tongue. 

Resentment and jealousy lurk behind your calmness, waiting to explode. Instead of being upset, you plot nasty retaliation when wronged. 

Perhaps you should release those grudges before they poison you.Leo, you're typically a sunlight, but when someone hurts you, you get regal. 

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