Never Give Your Dog Toxic Treats  

Your pet may not like even the tidiest foods. What's tasty for humans can harm canines.

Knowing what's safe and what could make your pet sick with chocolate, fruits, and veggies is crucial.

These foods should be out of reach to keep our dogs healthy and happy.

Allowing your dog or cat to lick pudding seems reasonable, but it's a big error. Many sweet foods, including pudding, contain xylitol, a deadly hazard. 

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Pet owners should learn about xylitol and avoid it. Because xylitol can give pets the plague.

Some peanut butters contain xylitol, which can harm dogs. Check the ingredients before putting peanut butter in your dog's toy. 

Trust Jif when in doubt.Keep Air Bud away from caffeine-laced foods and drinks like coffee beans, tea, chocolate, and others.

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