Non-Shedding Dogs

1. Afghan Hound We start with the Afghan Hound, a non-shedding breed  

Large canines weigh 50-60 pounds and stand 25-27 inches. A weekly bath and several hours of brushing are needed for their long, smooth coat.  

2. Bichon Frise Small Bichon Frise dogs weigh 12-18 pounds and stand 9.5-11.5 inches at the shoulder.   

These white canines sometimes have tan markings. Their long, curly coats need daily brushing, cut, and monthly bathing at the groomer or at home.  

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3. Chinese Crested You either like or dislike Chinese Crested dogs.  

Run to the American Kennel Club website for this breed if you've never seen a dog with bangs!  

These puppies can be mostly hairless with long fur on the face, legs, and tail or have a luxuriant coat everywhere.  

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