Normal Canine Behavior and Its Significance 

Some actions may not make sense, yet they may be hints to something more significant. 

There are a few different interpretations of a dog standing on its hind legs. 

It can be an innocent desire to cuddle up, or it could indicate that they're feeling frisky around other dogs. 

No, I don't think so. If they are still young, they are likely attempting to ease the discomfort of their permanent teeth erupting.  

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If the dog isn't a puppy, though, it's likely an indication that they're not receiving enough exercise and may use some activities to burn off some steam. 

Even though your dog has brought you one of their favorite toys to play fetch, it doesn't necessarily indicate they're interested in playing. 

Their actions could be a sign of trust or an attempt to win you over, two possible explanations.  

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