Ones of the Most American-Disliked Ice Cream Flavors 

The ice cream shop is historically significant because it sold one of the most beloved American desserts. 

This list of the top ice cream flavors in the US includes both traditional favorites like vanilla and strawberry and more unique creations like moose tracks and birthday cake.  

As you make your way through the black-and-white checkered floors, past the jukebox, and 

settle into one of the plush red bar stools, you'll hear the sound of a soda jerk slipping down a cool Coca-Cola ice cream float.   

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The founding fathers of the United States had a connection to vanilla ice cream.  

The first American ice cream recipe, for vanilla, was supposedly concocted by Thomas Jefferson.  

Whether it's on a pie, in a float, or enjoyed on its own, vanilla is a staple that everyone loves. 

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