Our Kids' Signs and Dreams

Children's dreams and indications. Are they real? Do our deceased children utilize dreams and signs to let us know they are okay and live on?

My heart says they do. I am blessed. My Grief Support website lets me hear about many dreams and signs departed children have given their parents and grandparents.

Despite their differences, they all involve our deceased children telling us they are still alive and we will see them again. 

As grief has no schedule, neither do dreams or indications.They can happen anytime, so we should always be aware of our kids' cues.

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I want to share a remarkable dream regarding my departed daughter. The dream gave me hope and unfathomable serenity.

I was by the beach. I find peace beside the ocean. My dream was set on Cape May, New Jersey, one of my favorite beaches.

Standing on the coast, I watched the tide come in. The day was bright. I looked up, shading my eyes from the sun. 

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