Personality Test: Your Arms Crossing Style Reveals Your True Personality Trait

Research indicates that our gestures, such as how we sit, walk, speak, eat, and even how we cross our arms, can offer insights into our personality traits. 

Specialists in body language have meticulously analyzed various arm-crossing techniques to decode what they signify about an individual's character. 

In this exploration into the nuances of body language, particularly the fascinating domain of how we cross our arms, we'll focus on two specific styles: clasping the hands behind the back and gripping the upper arm. 

How do you typically cross your arms behind your back? Do you find one palm holding the other hand, or is it more common for one hand to grasp your upper arm 

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If you hold one palm with another hand behind your back, you are sending a silent message of confidence and independence. You are not interested in idly waiting around for someone else's input 

You are mostly at ease with yourself. You don't fear vulnerability, instead, you exude an aura of superiority, power, and self-assuredness.  

If you hold your other arm with one hand behind your back, your personality traits suggest that you might be feeling a bit small. It's as if your body is signalling 

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