Pomegranate Water Additive Cleans Dog Teeth, Study Finds

New research suggests adding pomegranate water to your dog's bowl to prevent plaque and calculus.

 In a controlled, randomized research, dogs given an over-the-counter water addition with pomegranate extract had less plaque and calculus on their teeth after a month than dogs given plain water.

Healthy teeth are essential for your dog's health. The majority of dogs over three have periodontal disease, according to a research. 

Understanding that dogs have multiple periodontal disease phases is crucial. In the initial stage, gums are red, inflamed, and somewhat swollen and may bleed. 

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Without treatment, this illness can proceed to severe periodontitis, which damages the tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Thus, teeth loosen and fall out.

Advanced periodontitis also increases the risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary illness. 

Poor dental hygiene causes most dog periodontal disease. Regular teeth cleaning is essential for preventing plaque and tartar, however dog dental chews, water additives, and special foods can assist.

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