RDNs List 5 Health Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

A plant-based diet? Plants make up most of a plant-based diet.

Focus on fresh, minimally processed fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses/legumes, and whole grains.

Some plant-based eaters go vegan, but many go “vegan-ish” or flexitarian. Although it seems limiting, a plant-based diet is not. 

Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan The distinction between plant-based and vegetarian or vegan is complicated.

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Vegan diets prohibit all animal goods and byproducts, including dairy and eggs, while vegetarian diets exclude all meat.

Fully Plant-Based: Healthier? Lena Bakovic, MS, RDN, CNSC, registered dietitian with Top Nutrition Coaching, states "Though it's typically not recommended to convert to a totally plant-based eating pattern

there are several well-studied and documented health benefits of adopting plant- She says the Mediterranean-style diet

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