Recipe for Easy Decorated Shortbread Cookies

 Many years ago, frosted cookies were popular at my bakery. I created the Painted Cookies approach since I'm not good at this. It's simple!

I painted cookies in solid colors or marbelized swirls. The second is simpler: sprinkle colored sugar on the unbaked cookie and bake.

End of story. Easy enough for kids to help and possibly more enjoyable than Easter egg coloring.

Unsalted European butter like Kerry Gold or Plugra gives these cookies a richer flavor than American butter. For best flavor, use unsalted butter.

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Freshly squeezed lemon juice is essential for the glaze. Don't use packaged lemon juice—squeeze it a day or two ahead and refrigerate it. 

My flavor punch comes from all lemon juice. Watering it down makes it less aggressive. It can also be eliminated and flavored with vanilla, almond, or other extract to taste.

Step 1. Lay cold butter slices over flour in the processor bowl. Process butter until indistinguishable. Add sugar to the processor. Step 4. Process until large pieces form. It probably won't form a ball, okay.

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