Recipes From the Cafeteria That Will Make You Want to Go Back 

The chip packets are immediately filled with the ingredients!  

We break out our countertop grill to whip up some melts as the weather turns chilly. Try pita bread instead. 

This smokey, sweet sandwich is perfect for those warm autumn days.  

Upon my return from the hospital with our newborn daughter, a neighbor graciously sent over a pan of decadent fudge brownies with the recipe.  

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Ever since I inquired about the secret ingredient to her brownie frosting, I've been whipping them up for gatherings with loved ones, office celebrations, and potlucks.  

If you're looking for a hot dog topping, go no further than this delicious sloppy joe!  

On Christmas Eve, my family had our first taste of this decadent handmade lasagna at a friend's house. 

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