Relationship-Desperate Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst to Best 

Being in a relationship is hardwired into your DNA. You are a natural caregiver and exude warmth. 

As a result of dysfunctional self-definition based on your relationship status, you may choose harmful partnerships over none at all.  

Aquarius sign You are the perfect companion for a relationship because of your sensitive, caring, and emotional personality.  

Caring for the people you care about brings you immense joy, even if it means sacrificing some of your own needs occasionally.  

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Sign of the Leo Since being alone is one of your biggest concerns, it's no surprise that you tend to cling to relationships tightly.  

When you're in love, it's easy to lose sight of the person and instead fall head over heels for their idealized version of themselves.  

Cancer Sign  A serial monogamist, you are. Playing on the field isn't something you're good at. 

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