Season of Aries! Fire Sign Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

They're born leaders who love competition and immerse into their passions, including relationships.  

Aries are young at heart and “filled with an enthusiasm for life,” celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE.  

Fearless and adventurous, they are bold and larger than life. But they can also be aggressive, impetuous, and “quick to anger,” says Thomas.  

Aries are independent like other fire signs and don't like being held down.  

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Thomas says they are “passionate about giving and receiving love,” and when they like someone, they “lead with their hearts.  

They need strong signs that can keep up with their fast pace and fiery communication style,” says author and astrologer Bethany Nicole.   

Nicole says Aries have a warrior mentality because Mars rules activity, violence, and war.  

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