Selfishest Zodiac Signs

Hi, you! Yes, you! Do you know the world is not about you? Did that affect you? You absolutely belong on the most selfish zodiac signs list! 

Nobody denies that some people put themselves first. Everyone is selfish sometimes, but some signals habitually put themselves first. 

Ready to see who we'll chop?What good is a zodiac list of prominent signs without Leos? While forthright and confident, Leos can be selfish. 

They relentlessly pursue their goals, frequently ignoring others. They feel they will get what they desire despite competition.

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Geminis are adaptive and versatile, but they might appear shallow and vain. They may change personalities unexpectedly to benefit themselves, disregarding of others. 

They may suddenly change their demeanor during a gathering as they put themselves first.Aries are determined and self-centered. 

They pursue their goals relentlessly, often to extremes. Their tireless determination can cause them to put themselves first, regardless of others.

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