Signs of the Zodiac That Occur During Their Fifties 

Truthfully, age is just a number. You can always try again. 

Maybe you had a life plan that you were determined to follow—and for a long time, you did. 

Something, though, like a death in the family, a divorce, or the loss of your "ideal job," will occur in your 50s and cause you to veer off course. 

You show a lot of reluctance to adapt while you're younger.  

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No matter how bad things become, you're still more likely to stick around and see if you can make it work than to risk everything and try something new.  

To jolt you out of your utter aversion to change, something monumental will have to happen. 

You settle into a routine that suits you well, and if this weren't to happen, you'd probably never leave it. 

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