Sweet Treats Packed with Protein to Indulge Your Cravings 

If you're trying to meet your macronutrient objectives, high-protein sweets are a great option, and there's a chance they'll taste great, too! 

"Splitting your protein intake throughout the day, rather than trying to consume it all at once,  

help you reach your goal of getting optimal amounts of protein, which can be difficult to achieve." 

Confer with the pros: The Nutritious Life Studio and its president, Keri Glassman, RDN, CDN, are in the health and wellness industry. 

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Recipes are developed and evaluated by nutritionists and other food specialists stationed in the Women's Health test kitchen. 

A high-protein sweet snack before bed, for instance, might be a fast way to improve muscle regeneration after a strenuous workout. 

In addition to her membership on the Women's Health Advisory Board and her many national television appearances, she has written four books that have been best-sellers. 

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