ten things men shouldn't say or do around women

There are some apparent things guys shouldn't do or say to women, and some they may not understand they shouldn't, like the ones below.

1. Incorporate 'That Time of the Month' Call it what it is. You don't know Aunt Flo unless she visits.

Guys, saying "You're acting hormonal" or "Is it your time of the month or something?" when a woman is upset is irresponsible.

2. Overuse Pet Names Men, call your partners "babe" and "honey".

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If you call a stranger "sweet cheeks," she'll probably be uncomfortable nine times out of ten. 

3. Do Not Help Around the House Weaponized incompetence is exhausted. Don't sit on the couch while the housewife does all the work.

4. Catcall Ladies, tell us if you got with the guy who catcalled you from his car while you walked down the sidewalk.

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