The 18 Most Common Ways Selfish People Act

Some think it's a competition for achievement and fame.

Selfish people generally put their own wants before others'. These 18 traits characterize selfish people.

Each bar is made in Massachusetts with little processing to preserve the unique flavors of organic cacao, which are normally hidden by sugar, milk, or chemicals.

Selfish people dominate discussions and ignore others' input. These Tinder dates brag about themselves without asking a question.

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They will talk nonstop about their successes when you get together after a hard time since it's all about them.

They requested help relocating first, but if you need a transport to the airport, they are unavailable and possibly annoyed.

They may not care about their deeds or others' misery. People who proclaim themselves brutally honest get away with uttering nasty things in the name of honesty. 

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