The Best Zodiac Sign Wallpaper, According to Astrologers

Wallpaper is a dependable way to upgrade any area, but we understand the trepidation, especially with so many options.

Consult the stars for a starting point. We mean choosing the finest wallpaper for your zodiac sign.

"You want to inject personality so that the wallpaper doesn't fall flat and there's movement and drama on the walls," Lore Group design director Jacu Strauss tells VERANDA. 

Lore Group owns the award-winning Pulitzer Amsterdam, Riggs Washington, D.C., and others. Let your horoscope guide you to make your rooms truly reflect you.

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Astrologer Lauren Ash advised us on each sign's colors and patterns, so read on for the full guide. 

We promise you'll transform your room once you discover the wallpaper that suits you! Best wallpapers for each zodiac sign.

Daring Aries will love this orange wallpaper with red flowers.Taurus is known for spending a lot on their homes, therefore it's only right that they use Gucci wallpaper.

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