The Cheapest Dog Breeds for Pet Lovers

The most costly pets cost thousands of dollars, which is bad for those with little funds.

 Not all purebreds cost much. Breeders charge less for the lovely pups on our list, but shelters and breed-specific programs like the National Greyhound Adoption Program provide even better deals.

We named them the cheapest dog breeds because of that.Of course, dog ownership costs $8,000 to $11,500 per year, beyond the initial purchase.

There are food, vet bills, chew toys, grooming, training, daycare, pet sitting, and dog walking costs.

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Which dog is cheapest? The expenses vary, however there are key considerations: Big dogs eat a lot, therefore feeding them is expensive. 

Long-haired dogs may need additional grooming. Some breeds are predisposed to health issues that require more vet care.

We chose the cheapest dog breeds because of their lower monthly costs. The low-maintenance dog breeds include toy and medium varieties. 

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