The Finest Unassuming Pizza Places in the United States 

These unassuming pizzerias may not have much in the way of atmosphere, but the pizza is well worth the search. 

While it's convenient (and occasionally necessary—we get it) to order pizza from your favorite chain,  

sometimes it pays to venture off the beaten path—even if it means visiting a little restaurant with only two tables and a walk-up window—in your quest for a nice dinner.  

We combed through customer reviews to identify the top local favorites that serve outstanding pies at these hidden pizza businesses, 

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which aren't usually in the news because of their understated nature.  

Hup's Pizza is only a small roadside stand on Milwaukee's northern shore. 

The majority of the facility is devoted to the bustling kitchen, leaving only a tiny phone booth-sized waiting area with a single window for placing orders and payments.  

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