The Libra Lunar Eclipse Is Optimal for These Zodiac Signs 

Sign of the Leo  Libra, you are about to undergo some major transformations as the Lunar Eclipse makes its appearance in your 1st House of Self and Identity! 

If there's been a gap between your internal and external selves, you might be feeling more pressure than ever to make a change in your look.  

If you want to stand up for yourself without being rude or bullying, it's time to use your diplomatic skills. 

Sign of the Ram  Although your relationships may face some challenges at the moment, Aries, it doesn't necessarily mean they're doomed (unless they're unhealthy or harmful to you). 

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Can you trust these individuals to be there for you when times become tough? 

Capricorn  Now is a good time to take stock of your professional trajectory and long-term objectives, since the Lunar Eclipse is transiting your 10th House of Public Image and Career.  

This eclipse can be the catalyst you need to finally take the plunge if you've been having second thoughts about your present course of action.  

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