The Most Biting Dog Breeds

Friendly, affectionate dogs are fun to be around. But when they bite, it may be a serious problem.

Each year, almost 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs, and one in five need medical attention. These dog breeds bite people most!German Shepherds are dog celebrities—beautiful, loyal, and always eager to work.

They are the best choice for police and military vocations because of their toughness and protection. 

without instruction, their protective side may become hostile with outsiders. Their greatness as guard dogs makes them challenging in several situations.

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Pit Bulls are commonly included in serious dog attacks. Their reputation for toughness and aggression makes them unwelcome in some apartments and localities. 

These guarding and fighting canines were raised to be robust. Unfortunately, some are bred for illegal dogfighting and treated horribly.

Rottweilers are gigantic dogs with powerful jaws. First developed to herd animals, they now work as security dogs or in search and rescue teams.

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