The Most Exorbitantly Priced Pets  

Compared to more exotic pet owners, the cost of caring for a domestic cat or dog is far lower. 

Therefore, before you buy one of these creatures, make sure you know how much they really cost.  

To bring one of these furry (or furless) pups home, you will likely need to save up quite a bit of money. 

The löwchen, due to its majestic demeanor, has been a favorite of Europe's nobility for more than 500 years. 

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France, the homeland of the Löwchen breed, is home to the vast majority of the 300 purebred dogs born each year.  

You may anticipate paying at least $4,000 for this breed and possibly more. 

With its elegant mohawk reminiscent of David Bowie, the Palm cockatoo is an irresistible sight. 

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