The Most Genuine Sushi in Your State Is Right Here! 

From traditional nigiri (rice topped with fish) and classic rolls to creative takes on old favorites, we've found the greatest Japanese eateries around the nation. 

But where can you discover the most flavorful, freshly caught seafood in your area?  

In the bustling culinary scene of Alabama's capital, you may find a number of excellent sushi restaurants.  

Osaka Sushi Bar, a low-key spot with a large menu of classics, is the greatest in town, nonetheless. 

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Rolls like the Shaggy Dog, which consists of tempura shrimp, crab, and spicy mayo, and the standard tuna roll are both beloved by diners. 

As for the delicate yellowtail topped with jalapeños, it's hard to go wrong with it either. 

This Japanese restaurant continues Scottsdale's tradition of upscale eating. 

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