The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds As Rated by Experts 

The fact that dogs are incredibly lovable isn't the only reason they've been there for humans from the Stone Age onward. 

Over the millennia, humans deliberately raised dogs to be the ideal canine companions, and as a result, dogs are intelligent in a way that suits humans. 

According to the famous canine researcher and professor Stanley Coren, PhD, who notes in his seminal work  

The Intelligence of Dogs that the smartest dog breeds have always been more than just man's best friend. 

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While some dogs may grasp 250 words or more, Coren claims that the typical dog can understand 160. 

Even more essential to good dog-human communication is the fact that, in most cases, dogs genuinely care.  

Alexandra Horowitz, who is in charge of the Dog Cognition Lab at Columbia University's Barnard College, informed the American Kennel Club (AKC) that dogs are very sensitive and attentive. 

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