The Most Well-Known Food Brands in Every State

They make a Southern-style pickle using apple cider vinegar brine, vivid red jalapeño peppers, and other secret spices.

Unknown place Hidden Valley Ranch Plumber Steve Henson constructed Ranch in the Alaskan bush, but none of the stories mention the town.

After moving to California, he bought Hidden Valley Ranch, and the rest is history.

Tempe Cold Stone Creamery The founders of Cold Stone Creamery weren't pleased with store-bought ice cream, so they made their own.

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Their secret? Mixing 16-degree granite slab ice cream daily in-house.

 Tyson Foods Jimmy Dean Sausage, Springdale Jimmy Dean was a successful country singer before creating sausage. 

After years of singing and performing, he believed he could produce the best sausage. 

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