The Perfect Spring Break Spot for Every Zodiac Sign 

Where better to unleash your inner Aries than in a vibrant and exciting city like Rio de Janeiro or Bali?  

In their ideal world, they would bungee jump, climb volcanoes, and dance the night away.  

When it comes to Taurus, nothing beats a little R&R and opulence.  

Their ideal spring break would consist of a deep tissue massage, cocktails on a private Maldives beach, and total relaxation. 

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Twin stars  Anyone born under the Gemini sign is game for a good time and eager to see the world.  

They intend to party like locals, eat their way through Tokyo's vibrant streets, and see the sights.  

Cancer  Even though Cancers aren't usually up for much, they nevertheless desire to escape the monotony of everyday life every once in a while.  

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