The Three Zodiac Signs Most Anticipated for Retirement (And the Ones Most Afraid of Aging) 

In their own words, the idea of falling behind the times or, worse, wondering, "What's a TikTok?" is terrifying. 

Aging, in Leos's eyes, is the greatest threat to their star qualities. Picture the sun, setting?  

They worry that they will no longer be the center of attention as they age, rather than the actual bodily changes that accompany aging. 

Aging frightens them more for the anarchy it portends than for any vanity it may bring.  

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Is their retirement account going to be sufficient? Could it be that they haven't visited every continent just yet?  

Since joining the workforce, Capricorns have been in a state of mental retirement.  

Retirement is not some faraway goal; it is a long-term investment with a high return on investment (ROI), in their view.  

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