The Zodiac Signs That Always Seem to Be Struggling (But Will Finally Break Through This Spring) 

Some signs have endured difficult journeys that have honed their resilience and determination.  

But as the earth stirs from its winter nap, spring brings with it a time of rebirth and possibility. 

Being born during the spring has made those born under the stable Taurus constellation feel the burden of the world a little bit more than the average person.  

Taureans have successfully traversed a complex web of difficulties that appeared to challenge their fundamental character traits, such as perseverance, tolerance, and determination. 

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The Leo roars with the audacity of its members as they confront the challenges life throws at them, embodying strength, bravery, and an indestructible spark of imagination.  

The lion's roar has been less pronounced in recent seasons, though; perhaps the difficulties and disappointments have diminished the dazzling energy that usually envelops this blazing symbol.  

These challenges have shaken Leo to their very core, calling into doubt their leadership abilities, creativity, and sense of self. 

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