The Zodiac Signs Whose Fortunes Will Turn Around On March 27 

In spite of all the good fortune that has come your way, the last several months have been very challenging for you. 

Everything seems to be coming apart at the seams due to bad timing, car problems, clumsy injuries, and lost possessions. 

Capricorn, your recent dates have been very unremarkable. 

Getting a lip wax, filing your taxes, or shopping for wart treatment options at the drugstore.  

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VIRGO  Virgo, your brilliance frequently goes unappreciated and underappreciated. 

It may appear like there's nothing substantial in sight for miles while you're taking down a falsehood, but today you're proven wrong.  

Instead of wasting time destroying meaningless idols, you should seek out a location where you can flourish and help build something worthwhile. 

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