This Is Why These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Declined 

In today's world of complicated geopolitical disputes, it's understandable that Aquarius feels confused about who or what to support on some subjects. 

However, this same sense of bewilderment permeates even the most insignificant decisions, like choosing a peanut butter brand.  

GEMINI  Having to say no to someone is the most nerve-wracking thing that can happen to a Gemini.  

Their people-pleaser nature makes it so hard for them to disappoint anyone, but even they can't be in two places at once. 

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The Libra For Libras, the key to success is finding the perfect balance between many aspects of life.  

Fitness and rest. Work and leisure. Deep commitment and weighty duty.  

They still aren't convinced unless they meticulously pinpoint that minuscule preference. 

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