This NASA map shows the eclipse from every U.S. location in April.

An uneven alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon creates a partial eclipse. Step outside for a safe peek at a partial eclipse if you won't get a total one.

With its own story and historical significance, each piece offers a nostalgic glimpse into the past. 

 A special blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper season its crunchy covering. 

The penumbra and umbra comprise the lunar shadow. The umbra, the darkest and fullest region of the Moon's shadow,

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Over 300 million Americans will see a partial eclipse. How to determine what you can see.

The NASA map and Time and Date website provide partial eclipse start, end, and maximum times. 

The Sun blocks your location most then. This may seem simple, but a partial eclipse does not allow direct Sun viewing. That includes partial eclipse maxima.

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