This Week's Zodiac Complainers Who Really Ought to Stop 

Leo is probably being overly critical and judgmental, and perhaps even hypocritical, when it concerns their friend's flaws.  

But being understanding would necessitate far too much self-reflection, and perhaps their gripes stem from a desire to escape this painful truth.  

Aries is behaving like that obnoxious boss who just can't fathom why his staff aren't putting in the same amount of time and effort as him. 

In this case, Aries completely misses the mark when it comes to seeing the unfairness of the situation.  

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They consider the large number of people trying to participate in something they consider off-limits as an invasion of their privacy. 

Cancer, being self-sufficient, is accustomed to licking its wounds in private, away from prying eyes.  

Cancer might direct their attention away from the few people who spread rumors and instead be grateful for the abundance of love they have received. 

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