Timeless Sweets That We Cravingly Continue to Enjoy 

We're talking about old-fashioned recipes that everyone loves and that bring back all those warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.  

Everyone seems to be planning the next dump-and-bake dessert or experimenting with the newest TikTok fad as a dessert option after supper these days.   

Peanut brittle is bringing us the joy of Christmases past, but be careful not to crack a tooth on it. 

Like toffee, peanut brittle has a great crunch and a luscious, rich flavor.  

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Our deepest condolences if your grandmother did not prepare an abundance of this to share with family and friends throughout the Christmas season. 

Everything comes together wonderfully when given some time to chill in the fridge, allowing the flavors and textures to meld.  

Because it is so delicious, I continue to prepare it every Christmas. You can always count on this recipe. 

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