Tips from a Vet for Social and Active Spring Pups

If you're eager for spring, fresh air, and sunshine, your dog must be too!   

There are a few things to remember before going to the dog park or playing frisbee with your dog in your backyard.  

Kelly Fishman, DVM, owner of Strut Animal Mobility, a physical rehabilitation veterinarian, provided us her best recommendations for preparing our dogs for warmer weather fun.   

Old vet knowledge says spring is when pets get new injuries. It makes sense because winter-cooped dogs gain weight and lose muscle in spring and become active.  

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Unfit pets are more likely to get hurt.Keep your dog's muscles strong with protein supplements to prevent injury.   

I recommend pet parents supplement around Thanksgiving to minimize winter muscle loss.  

Again, gradually increase activities to improve endurance. Develop longer walks and hikes by adding 5 minutes of movement weekly.   

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