Top Credit Card Maxing Zodiac Signs

Some zodiac signs excel at budgeting. Despite wanting a gourmet coffee with an additional shot of espresso daily or the latest Adidas  

Sambas in the most popular color, they always save for a rainy day.Other zodiac signs are fast to use credit, and many go into debt.   

Astrology specialist Evan Nathaniel Grim says a person's planets in their birth chart affect how they spend and save, especially for Venus.  

“Venus is the planet of love, but also personal values, possessions, and money,” Grim explains.  

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Our Venus placement determines the material things or concepts we like.” Venus-ruled zodiac signs shop, dine, and spend on beauty treatments, while others travel a lot.  

The planet and element that rules a zodiac sign might also contribute. Jupiter-ruled signs tend to cross their credit limit.  

Jupiter seeks abundance and excess, so these signs may swipe recklessly, according to Grim.  

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