Top Guard Dog Breeds for Home Protection

Protective instincts are generally a top priority when choosing a new companion.

While most people recognize the risk of an intruder is low, an early warning system is a good idea. However, a quick search shows that not all dog breeds make good security dogs.

Guard dogs are different from watchdogs, which bark at danger. These brave dogs will fight for their families at any time.

Ideal guard dogs are smart, loyal, nimble, and fearless. For those reasons, our beloved dogs fill our hearts. 

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We listed the 35 finest guard dog breeds to help you choose one for your family. 

Top guard dog is the American Staffordshire terrier. These tiny boys were raised for bear- and bullfighting, so they're tough and scary. 

Socialization is essential since American Staffordshire terriers are fierce and protective. 

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