Top Zodiac Signs for Healthy Relationships

 They want a lifelong partner to share comfortable nights in and lazy Sundays with. 

They appreciate physical touch, loving embraces, and shared meals and experiences. Taurus partners are reliable and patient.

They'll be your rock, confidant, and biggest supporter. Their comfort-first mindset may make individuals averse to change and new experiences. 

They're not frightened of hard effort, but they may require a push to venture outside their comfort zone and maintain the spark.

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Cancers are emotional powerhouses. They put their heart out and value emotional connection above all else. 

Cancer partners' love and dedication are unquestionable. They're perceptive and can sense your needs, providing emotional support and comfort during life's storms. 

Cancerians are constantly willing to help their loved ones. They make their home a warm, accepting refuge.

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