Twelve Horrible Cat Breeds for Each Zodiac Sign

Saying all cat breeds are the same is like calling a tiny poodle a French bulldog.

Aries: Sphynx Cat While not cruel, Aries are direct and brutal. Because of this, the lovely and sensitive Sphynx cat isn't a good match. 

They require more care than most cat breeds due to their almost complete absence of fur. 

Taurus: Cornish Rex April 20–May 20: Taurus Earthy Taurus clashes with airy Aquarius.

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Taurus is calm and secure, while Aquarius is creative and chaotic. This intensity is reflected in Cornish Rex.

Gemini: Bombay Geminis are explorers who value change and fresh ideas. 

Scorpios prefer loyalty and constancy above novelty. Scorpios and Bombay cats are similar.

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