Unknown State Foods Are Amazing

Each state has its own hidden culinary gems that people love but tourists may not know about.   

These secret state meals, from obscure delicacies to local favorites, showcase the region's culture and history.   

Try these local dishes when you're traveling.These tasty delights create a kissing relative to the blueberry with thinner skin, juicier flesh, and a sweet, tangy taste.  

Those who produce this little berry in the Rocky and Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest say they utilize it in pancakes, waffles, salads, and soda.  

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This smooth, creamy, flavorful fudge comes from a little island off Michigan's northeast shore.  

guarantee you won't taste indulgence until you try this fudge.This food is unrelated to the ballet.  

Instead, it's a delicious blended drink that will cool you off on a hot summer day if you trust a stranger.  

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